If you're a party to a dispute, you may now be searching for a course of action that is affordable,
fast, and surely productive of your expectations for justice.  An inconvenient truth you will now
have to face is that no one can honestly offer you such a course of action.  Nonetheless, a little
booklet available from Authentix Coaches will certainly help you to:

  • Face this inconvenient truth with increasing equanimity and confidence

  • Discover, through the use of the IHXEN and related Rational Emoto-Linguistics known
    collectively as Eye-Zen English, a vital and practical truth upon which you can surely found
    such states of being in your unique situation

  • Encourage your opponent to join you in a search for value-added benefits from confronting
    the issues between you without resorting to the cost and uncertainty of undergoing a
    protracted and expensive court or other process.  

Our booklet will also help you extend these desirable states of being throughout the domains of
your life that have been “sideswiped” by the eruption of your dispute.  It will help you take
charge of your predicament so that never again will you face the daunting prospect of having to
turn yourself into a workaholic to get the justice you deserve.  It will, moreover, introduce you to
mediational coaching by outlining:

1. The Aim and Psychology of Successful Mediation

2. The Preliminary Work you must do to introduce into such relationship as you still have with
your disputant a new dynamic that will engender interest in a settlement through mediational

3. The Role of a Mediational Coach in this innovative form of dispute resolution

4. The Phases of Mediational Coaching in which you should expect to participate

5. The Form of an Agreement by which you and your opponent can safely begin mediational
coaching with deeply rational expectations for success.
Sources: Coaching – Conference Board of Canada as quoted in Globe & Mail of 070505; ADR – "Canadian Business   
& the Law", by DuPlessis et al. published 2005 by Nelson div. of Thomson Publishing
Authentix Coaches
Coaching Mediation Service
Mediation can actually add value!
Whenever, and for whatever reason, an aggrieved party finds the prospect of launching or
continuing litigation so unattractive that “another way simply must be found to get the justice
I/we deserve here”, the search begins for an alternative to the court system.

  • Perhaps the estimate you have been given for completing litigation expenses is beyond
    your reach?
  • Perhaps the estimate you have been given for the time that must elapse before a favourable
    ruling can be expected is too long?
  • Perhaps the predictions you have been given concerning milestones in protracted litigation
    or arbitration outcomes have proven unreliable?
  • Or perhaps the predictions are just too fuzzy for you to proceed?

If any of these factors are present in your situation, have you considered that coaching for
mediation success might actually add some value in a situation that seems only bleak.  Consider
the following success rate comparisons:
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