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Following is the information we will need:
Honesty: The discipline of avoiding either
inaccuracy or deception and of being
reciprocally open about intents and
evolving intentions

Verbal Integrity: The discipline of being
true to one’s word, or promptly
honourable in warning of exceptions
arising because one was unable to
anticipate intervening circumstances

Empathy: The disciplines of (a) being
actively present to listen to the needs,
wants and interests of others in one’s
family, client, team, prospect, community,
or organization and (b) anticipating
accurately the sensitivities likely to be
excited by one’s desires to share or hide
potentially painful or disturbing
possibilities or hypotheses with such

Accuracy: The discipline of caring enough
about the communication of data,
observations, facts, hypotheses, findings,
questions, assertions, feelings, needs,
requests, and recommendations both to
avoid misdirection and to engender
mutual trust that the goals of the
team/organization are being respected

Clarity: The discipline of making sure
that a message, either outgoing or
incoming, has been understood before
concluding that a communication cycle is
satisfactorily complete

Discretion: The discipline of making
faithfully practical protection, or properly
authorized recognition, of the proper
ownership of valuable or sensitive

Courage: The discipline of (1) either
asserting or forbearing when seemingly
idiotic convention supports the opposite,
and (2) either accepting responsibility for
a job, project, engagement, contract,
person, team, organization, or
community, or articulating honestly and
accurately one’s reasons for declining to
accept it – but only after carefully
ascertaining that one is doing neither out
of either bravado or egotistical desire for

Coherence: The discipline of (1) searching
for, and either eliminating or explaining,
the paradoxes underlying one’s own
behaviour, assumptions and aims and (2)
gently helping others to do the same.
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Authentix Coaches works with leaders in the fields of
insight development, team coaching, and related corporate
developmental services.  Angus Cunningham, its principal,
writes, speaks, and consults on the
dsFCF (smart FTT), and
also does pro bono work for worthy causes.
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