Angus Cunningham BA(MechSci) MBA
Coach to Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Executives, & Professionals
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Adventures in Authentic Dialogue: A Coach's Account" is downloadable here.
Authentix Coaches
Who We Are
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Authentix Coaches was founded by Angus Cunningham to make available the
learnings from his career as an engineer, corporate executive, management
consultant, entrepreneur, writer, and leadership and corporate insight development
coach.  Over the last 20 years Angus has been articulating the
Authentix coaching
principles, drawing on a lifetime's experiences in persistent devotion to veracity
and vitality in language -- the outcome of early recognition by his parents and
mentors of values that are precious in serious fields of endeavour (and some not so
serious!).  He serves particular client needs with the help of selected partners whom
he qualifies in
IHXEN-based leadership psycho-linguistics, also known as Eye-Zen
Seeking equanimity, or at
least poise, before either
excitement or comfort, today’s
leaders develop and share
authentic insight, sow
inspiration, and apply our
passions to advancing not
only our own aims but also
those of our families, clients,
and supporting communities.
Our Coaching Services
Narrative and Results of a Coaching Project
Contact Us for Info Related to Your Needs
Our Coaching Services
Narrative and Results of a Coaching Project
Contact Us for Info Related to Your Needs
Angus in Kolapore Wilderness, Ontario, 2013
Consulted by many kinds of clients for 30 years, both individual & corporate, Angus has helped many high-energy
individuals engaged passionately in invention or design, and also many organizations, for example:

Air Canada, Barbecon Central Converting, Barber Ellis of Canada, British Leyland, British Steel, Canabond, Canada
News Wire, Chant Construction, Cummins Engine, Dazit Production Technology, Deft Software, Dishon Heart-of-
Component Manufacturing, Dunlop Canada, Echo Consultants, Federal Commerce & Navigation, GTE, Guardian
Royal Exchange Insurance, Gulf Canada, Heinz USA, Inteledigm Market Sciences, McKinsey & Company, Mitsubishi
Heavy Industries, National Hydraulics & Engineered Systems, Tyrrell Machinery, Weston Foods, YMCA of
Metropolitan Toronto, 241 Pizza.

Angus researches, recommends, and writes up enterprise process, practice, and organizational issues &
requirements; shapes business & market strategies; gains consensus to practical, reputation/productivity/character
building values, ethics and strategies; makes multi-partner business proposals; and works to evoke the best in his
interlocutors through empathy and the sharing, development, acceptance, and purchase of authentically derived
insight.  He works face-to-face with both individuals and groups and also by email using linguistic principles he has
invented known as
Eye-Zen English.  As a coach, Angus has:

  • Served as interim president of PTS Production Technology Support.  See testimonial
  • Led a small team of professionals from 3 small technology firms in the Greater Toronto Area to make a
    presentation to the National Research Council.  Team gained NRC’s endorsement of the technical viability of a
    project to develop an IC engine with breakthrough emissions & fuel efficiency
  • Authored two widely circulated executive coaching manuscripts: Foundations of Engaged Well-Being”, which
    facilitates understanding of tried and true ways to work through the debilitating aspects of common untruths,
    and “Empathic Authenticity”, which organizes these ways into a coherent approach to balancing corporate
    prosperity with individual well-being
  • Stimulated resumption of operations of a BIA (Business Improvement Area) after a murder triggered a
    complete breakdown in members’ abilities to cooperate.  Angus’ work helped City Council to trust the BIA
    enough to fund a much needed new parking facility
  • Enabled a cash-strapped and floundering 3-year effort to introduce an Employee Share Ownership Program to
    succeed spectacularly in a setting where profits had fallen and hopes were flagging.  See testimonial
  • Assisted the leadership of the Chant Construction Group, an Ontario-headquartered builder of hydro-electric
    dams and other complex projects, to collect, without litigation, a long-outstanding multi-million dollar
    receivable, and institute -- with 90% buy-in by employees -- an ESOP that the overdue was holding back.  See
    narrative and testimonial of this engagement at this link
  • Assisted the leadership of Dishon Limited, an Ontario-based manufacturing company to sustain continuous
    productivity gains and expand to be bringing on-stream a new Mexican plant.  See testimonial
  • Conducted many pro-bono pieces of personal and public service work.

During this period Angus founded and operated Systemtree Inc., which starting as a management consultancy and
evolved into a 5-person system developer.  
Systemtree's achievements included:

  • for the YMCA of Metropolitan Toronto and Lakeshore: designed and led the installation of a marketing
    planning process to support this Y's unprecedented program of five new full-service facilities
  • for Federal Navigation: market research that enabled the company to make a major acquisition
  • for Sagamihara div. of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: identified the distribution opportunities for a new heavy-
    duty marine and industrial engine introduced by the client as a result of recommendations made while
    working several years before as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company's Tokyo office
  • for Canabond div. of Eurobroker's Harlow: designed and executed the world's first security trading system made
    from standard components, enabling the client to lead the market in supplying 70 stations for bond traders at its
    brokerage house clients in Toronto and Montreal
  • for 241 Pizza: designed and execution of a one-number ordering system enabling our client to launch
    competition with Pizza Pizza and grow from 1 store to over 100.
Early Career

Angus' career as an executive included employment with three companies:

  • for Cummins Engine Company: Starting as a Liaison Engineer in the United Kingdom, Angus completed his
    career with Cummins as Administration Director for the company's Asia/Pacific area.  In between he was an
    Truck/Construction OEM Account Manager and was awarded a Cummins Fellowship to Wharton
  • for McKinsey & Company: Starting as a Junior Associate, Angus completed his 5-year career with the
    management consulting firm of McKinsey & Company as an Engagement Manager, during which time he was
    assigned to 10 large corporate clients based in Canada, the US and Japan
  • for Barbecon Inc., a 1200-employee national Canadian converter and distributor of graphic arts paper, Angus
    joined as Director of Marketing and completed his 5-year career there as Senior VP for the converting division.  
    During Angus' employment with Barbecon, the company reversed a long-term decline in market share and
    tripled its profits, putting the company on course for a profitable sale to a division of Abitibi.
Other Activities

  • Developed Authentix Coaches' debateMATES program while serving a 6 months' mandate as President of the
    WCB Toastmasters Club in downtown Toronto, during which period club membership doubled to over 40 and
    a debate on climate change with the new debateMasters format drew attendees from over 100 miles and was
    recorded as having shifted the incoming opinions sharply during the debate
  • Worked with a family of Vietnamese Boat people to help them settle in Toronto and was delighted to be among
    their guests when the family hosted a large dinner for their friends
  • Writing, at the suggestion of a client, a book -- now nearing completion of a manuscript provisionally titled
    "Calibration: Beyond Themes, Dreams, Memes, & Teams toward Expeditiously Fair Problem-Solving".  Angus
    expects the manuscript (and video) to evolve into a publication program, with a book being published in 2016.
Formal Education.  BA in Mechanical Sciences (Power Systems Major, plus 1-year post-graduate research in IC
engine configurations) from
Cambridge University ; MBA (Finance Major, Dean’s List) from Wharton Graduate
division of the University of Pennsylvania