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  • Discover inspiration in long-lasting aims!
  • Forge supportive, insightful partnerships!
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Seeking tangible recognition for your unique abilities?

You'll appreciate encouragement to articulate a fuller, truer platform for what you do best.  You
know you have potential for higher productivity in completing the achievements you have set
yourself.  You want honest, safe, insightful, feedback to help this potential be realized.

Consider gaining access, on a flexible basis, to the following services:

Problem Solving: Insight is the foundation for proposals with the best prospect for success.  Not always
the preserve of experts, insight is the product of curiosity, observation, and thoroughly rational internal
processing of all that one has learned.  If you want the ability to create true insight in any situation, you'll
want to draw on the experience of a consistently original exponent of problem-solving insight.  Sample
one of our coaching essays by clicking on Sample Reading.

Positioning: Each perspective you endorse or recommendation you make is another brush-stroke in the
communication of both your personal and your professional images.  Accurate positioning requires
expansion of one's perspective to include the interests at all affected parties.  If you want recognition of
your capability to solve the problems relevant to your client, boss, or investor, you'll want to invite frank,
clear, insightful, and empathizing criticism from someone capable also of delivering “can-do”
communications competence

Proposal Polishing: Each round of editing improves a written proposal and requires an experienced,
objective view of what really are its strengths and weaknesses.  To make the difference between success
and failure, you'll want to gain prompt, responsive access to an experienced writer of concise, targeted

Presentation Presence: Each prospect encounter, contract negotiation, or engagement progress review is
an opportunity to enhance your investment in a commercial or professional relationship.  You'll want your
presentations to have maximum positive impact and to include what is complementary in another
professional’s style and experience

Experiential Processing: Each moment’s emotion adds its quality to your thinking – ultimately projecting
the self that others see in you, whether or not you are conscious of the cycles of emotion through which
you pass.  To ease and make the most of difficult experiences, you'll want to avail yourself of an
affirming, no-nonsense coach with a reputation for both integrity and warmth.

And while we're talking about experiential processing, how about a coaching story?  There are lots of
authentic narratives of coaching experiences in "
Vital and Thriving Truths: Adventures with
Chinghiz Kayan
".  It's authored by our President, Angus Cunningham.  Click on Coaching Story, or
take a look at the menu below: