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Authentix Coaches help leaders of organizations, including family enterprises and non-profits, set and
achieve their performance goals through application of principles that encourage a productive and safe
increase in the
authenticity of communications.  Authenticity is a key to the efficiency of communications in
the service of problem-solving, team-work, negotiating, and mediational communications.  So also is
empathy.  Indeed, proficiency in living these values simultaneously is perhaps the most fundamental factor in
the success of virtually all programs of individual, team, or corporate productivity.

Most people find combining personal authenticity and empathy at the same time to be very hard.  But, since
an essence of leadership is successful combination of authenticity and empathy, conscious attention by
leaders to both these principles is always a valuable focus for one's communications productivity.   
English is a set of principles and technical supports, proven in coaching practice by Authentix Coaches, for
growing capacity in combining empathy with authenticity.

As time passes, a culture that assured performance success in the past falls out of date.  And, because the
culture of an organization is primarily the responsibility of its top leaders, it is there that good examples of
combining authenticity and empathy must be set.  A CEO and his direct reports are wise, therefore, to find
every visible and meaningful opportunity for doing so.  Feedback on how well one is doing is critical because  
the consequences in terms of productivity of setting just the right level of challenge are major, as the chart
below indicates:

Authentix Coaches Leadership Services

We each have within us what we need to get what we truly want from without.

But this knowledge is esoteric, and consequently both doubted and easily forgotten.  Moreover, some of our
associates have never either learned or appreciated its truth.  Yet, when we call it to mind, and uncover with
focused inquiry the implications, including the limitations, of this ancient insight into our current and
expected futures, we find our balance.  
Authentix Coaches are leaders in helping organizations to keep
this insight in mind. The techniques by which we work with client people to do this are known as Rational
Emoto-Linguistics (
REL).  Authentics Coaches' REL processes include an integrated series of verbal formats
proven to help people make rational connections between personal, professional, and corporate values and
their own emotive goals.  They all begin with the power of honest "
I have 'X emotion' now" (IHXEN)
statements, discovered -- re-discovered -- by our founder,
Angus Cunningham.

Balance, whether within or without, is not easy to discern.  When do I have
equanimity, when ignorance?  
When do you?  When are we in the grip of a devitalizing 'ism?  The answers are rarely clear in a hurry,
although in haste, we may find ourselves ("
Blink!"-like) claiming it to be obvious.  Yet isn’t that why we are
entrepreneurs and leaders – bearers of unavoidable risk in solving meaningful problems, capturers of
worthwhile opportunities of value to many, not excluding ourselves?  

The imbalances without that
Authentix Coaches most often sense are those between corporate and
individual well-being.  Much of the thinking we do and the action we take on behalf of our enterprise clients
is directed to finding and maintaining balance between these two intermittently contending interests.  Such
contentions have, in recent decades, grown more vociferous and determined, and not infrequently for
painfully valid causes -- for workaholism and corporate instability are in this era everywhere rampant.  Yet a
balance found between 'leaders' and 'workers' or between your company and your customers/clients and its
investors will falter if it is not part of a larger balance with society and nature created for the enterprise by its
leaders and sponsors listening both to employees and to society at large.  We will want to hone the skills of
increasingly conscious
judgment to fine-tune this delicate balance.

What imbalances do you sense might be silently threatening your company?

Authentix Coaches offer expertise in the following Leadership Services:

  • VMVC -- Vision-Mission-Values Coherence
  • SPSP --   Strategic Positioning, Structure, & Process
  • LCDC --  Leadership Capacity Development & Coaching

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