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SPSP: Strategic Positioning, Structrure and Process
Do you believe that economic environments change too fast to justify sophisticated planning?

What justifies the work of upgrading any formal budgeting/planning process is the capacity of
the new process to facilitate creation of relevant, reliable, and durable new insight into the issues
of the enterprise.  So, while circumstances have never changed so rapidly as they are changing
now, insight into what trends are stably changing is always valuable.

Insight?  How does one acquire insight?
National Hydraulics and Dazit (now Tech Serv TSI) serve the uptime assurance needs of industrial
automation operators in the western and northern sectors of the Greater Toronto Area.  Competing with
larger distributors in components and parts supply, it has had to distinguish itself by creating extra
value through custom engineering and safety design and project management, and by more accurate
and resourceful 24/7/365 repair services.  The effort caused a 3-year decline in profits.  But in early
Bill Boyko, spearhead of its extra-value development program (and now Director of Technical
Service & Sales of
Tech Serv TSI), hired an Authentix Coach as a 2-day-a-week interim president with
the mandate to create a market-driven strategic vision and coach the top group into a professional
organization.  Says Bill:
Our Authentix program has resulted in the reversal of a long-standing profit decline.  After
developing excellent relationships with our senior people, our coach, Angus Cunningham, has helped
bring us together by virtue of a style of reliably honest, accurate, consistent, empathic, and clear
communications and a vision that has shaken out, sometimes painfully, the myths upon which we
had, for many years, been basing our decisions.  He has also contributed professional management
know-how, and modeled rational out-of-the-box thinking in our increasingly concerted problem
solving.  Today we have an attractive and inspirational new corporate self-image and a series of
researched new directions in which to invest our energies.  Although our customers expect severe
turbulence as GTA manufacturing continues to cope with inroads from the developing world, we feel
poised to renew our growth in a market that once only triggered our anxieties.  Moreover, we continue
to benefit from our coach’s concise emails to help us maintain our focus
” — August 2004
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Authentix Coaches has found that the following definition is helpful to people challenged to
acquire insight:

nsight is won by the discipline/capacity of focusing curiosity, intuition, and verification with evidence
in order to gain a clear and deep understanding of the intrinsic, often hidden and perhaps complex,
nature of a situation, problem, opportunity or option of relevance to the goals of one's team.

One rarely arrives at broadly useful insight into either markets or practices without deliberate,
and experienced
assembly of component "micro-insights".  People on the "firing line" usually have
such "micro-insight", but only a few can articulate it to others; and fewer still can assemble
micro-insights into "macro-insight" of value to the whole enterprise.  Yet it is the assembly of
precious micro-insights and their transformation by conscious leadership into carefully
articulated macro-knowledge that actually informs and motivates implementers on the firing line
to perform more productively.  So, as a leader, you must provide, in addition to a culture geared
to productivity in your market environments, expertise in synthesizing and disseminating insight
to produce the authenticity needed to win, satisfy, and hold customers -- profitably.
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