Want the people in your organization to work together more as a team?
Want your people to have a healthier balance between initiative and cooperation?
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VMVC: Vision-Mission-Values Coherence

Chant Construction Limited is a 45-employee company committed to sustainable electrical energy
development through superlative project planning and a humanly energizing approach to
contractual and organizational productivity and individual well-being.  It has established a
reputation for shockingly excellent service to power utilities in both Canada and the US.  Chant is
now engaged in a long-range plan to grow a culture its leadership knows will focus employees on
realizing sustained prosperity for the company as much as for themselves.  Says Founder and CEO
Ted Chant:
Combining corporate productivity with personal well-being has always been more art
than science, and hence a seemingly inaccessible goal to many.  We began our quest for work
nirvana 7 years ago knowing that an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) would be a part of it.  
Having helped my corporate team reach and communicate the balance among interests that a
successful ESOP requires, Authentix Coaches’ Angus Cunningham is now helping us realize larger
aims through the growing of an organically constructive culture, in which the values we bring from
our home, workplace and marketplace experiences are refined into an equitable, coherent and vital
whole.  Having a 2-hour coaching session each week with Angus is to find one turning the relentless
pressure of today’s working world into clarifying insights, intriguing intuitions, and focused
initiatives in which one feels a welcome degree of inner confidence, and often renewed energy.  
Each session enables me to reframe my sense of what is occurring in my world with such accuracy
that my setting of priorities and decision-making is not only making my own life, and those of my
family members, less workaholic, but also beginning to make the working lives of all our employees
more productive and enjoyable.  Having Angus coach us through the many transitions we know we
now both must and want to make is giving us, when the going gets tough, confidence that we
“have it in ourselves” to realize shockingly excellent success!
” – Feb 2007
(Shortly after this testimonial was received, we learned that Chant's ESOP launch offering, which had been
3 years in the making, was taken up by
90% of its permanent employees.  This figure compares with an
average figure of
30 to 40% for ESOP launch take-ups in the United States).
The substance of these messages is, of course, much easier to state than to practice.  But the
onus is not necessarily only on leaders or owners to bring them to life in an organization.  
When a coherence of values is effected so that owners, leaders, and the teams that leaders
inspire all work more or less spontaneously together, the needs of both customers and
shareholders can be met both  simultaneously and efficiently.
Authentix Coaches has 4 key messages for leaders wanting to grow a culture supportive of
sustained, successful performance:
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Common Organizational Reality

Employees often perceive
disconnections between their
organization’s espoused values and
the attitudes and behaviours that
supervisors encourage or censor

Perceived disconnections cause
disengagement of energy because that
is the only way for most employees to
maintain psychological balance

Risks of disengagement from
intelligently chosen strategic initiatives
multiply when an organization’s
culture is defensive and uninspiring

Although many will offer their
intuitions and hunches, accurate
means are available to identify the
attitudes and behaviours of both
actual and desired cultures
Authentix Leadership Messages

Smart leaders recognize that
disconnections lead to confusion,
distrust, and acrimony but the practice
of engaged dialogue leads, in time, to
trust, creativity, and coherence

Insightful leaders recognize that even
the most brilliantly focused and
powerfully invested strategies fail when
disengagements are left
unacknowledged or unaddressed

Wise leaders choose, in advance,
cultures that are knowingly suited to the
market niches being targeted, and
inculcate clearly stated values by
example and coaching

Truly vitalizing leaders find practically
prudent ways to integrate and balance
the subtle linkages between cultural
realities, leadership style, ideal values,
and focused, persistent implementation
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