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The paper at this URL has been replaced by a more advanced version developed in consultation
with journalists and academics with professional expertise in the theory and practise of derivative
trading.  The more advanced version reflects, among other ideas, a name change to
dsFCT in
recognition that the tax proposed would be levied at the time of contract recognition.  It appears
at the following link:
Beyond Stress Tests & the Dodd-Frank Bill:
Why a "Calibrateable dsFTT" Makes Sense

(c) 2010 by
Angus Cunningham
Principal, Authentix Coaches
Latest Update: 100910
Angus operates an executive coaching practice in Toronto with clients who include a manager of
trading with a major Canadian bank.  Educated at Cambridge and Wharton, and a McKinsey
management consulting alumnus, he began his enterprise by leading a team that delivered the
world's first electronic trading system built with open-system components -- to a Toronto-based
bond trading house.  In this paper Angus points out what remains unaddressed, or at least
unfocused, in current regulatory initiatives and proposes a differentiated speculative financial
transactions tax (dsFTT) that will facilitate a healthy coherence between speculative investors
and the needs of the "real" economy.
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